American haulage

American haulage

Our road transportation services cover all of North America including cross border deliveries between US, Mexico and Canada. They are designed to offer you the most fitting logistics solution for your truck transport needs.

Let us deliver the right combination of services for you.

Through our own fully controlled network, we will monitor your shipments throughout their road journey and ensure your goods are always travelling on the most efficient route. Our network provides flexibility, great service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and takes the complexity out of the process.

Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL)

A cost-effective solution for shipments too large for parcel delivery and too small for full truckload. When properly utilized, less-than-truckload shipping, commonly referred to as LTL freight is the optimal choice low-priority shipments of the customers looking for cost-savings because you are only paying for the space that your cargo takes-up within a given trailer or truck. Consignments can be collected from docks, construction sites or residential locations. Economical rates for low priority shipments.

Full truckload shipping (FTL)

FTL shipments are exclusive to a single business, so your freight is handled less frequently and is delivered directly by the same vehicle. Our brokerage experts stand behind the service and provide an extra level of care and attention while transportation of your full truckload. The service is designed also for fragile or high-risk and valuable freight. More effective for large shipments—provides cost savings over multiple small shipments. Various trailer types and dimensions of cargo space dedicated to your goods. Shipment never leaves its vehicle from origin to destination. Minimum risk of damage. Defined Lead Times. Door-to-Door Delivery.

Expedited/Dedicated Freight Service (ad-hoc, time-critical)

Whether your time-definite shipment’s destination is near or far, large or small, our solutions can be customized to best suit your needs and requirements. Depending on the distance from point A to point B your goods can be delivered ASAP within the same or next day. The fastest possible ground freight shipping method. Proactively reporting any delays and key events en route to destination (24/7). Direct delivery from point A to point B with no additional service-related stops. Full control over the route and the driver’s work, possibility of redirection, sending special instructions, waiting upon request, etc.


Extensive solutions for temperature-controlled product shipments. Specialized temperature-controlled trailers can be used for a variety of over-the-road hauls, including regional, expedited, dedicated, long-haul, LTL, intermodal and international. Whether shipping frozen products, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals or any other temperature-sensitive product, logistics professionals ensure on-time delivery, ample capacity and use its proprietary TMS to customize needs for each shipper​. Temperature-monitoring devices send alerts to associates when temperatures fall outside of acceptable variances. Wide range of temp. conditions: -25° C to +25° C / -13° F to +77° F

Dangerous goods

Our years of experience in handling dangerous goods make us the best choice for transporting specialized cargo. GEPA Logistics transport has the equipment and manpower to carry dangerous goods within North America while complying with all legislative requirements and industry standards. All our staff engaged in this service is certified and trained in hazardous materials and dangerous goods handling. (Certain restrictions apply to explosives only).

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